Auto-cart driver’s child wins in Emirates Draw MEGA7

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Auto-cart driver’s child wins in Emirates Draw MEGA7

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In the core of Bangalore, Prakash Babu, a diligent dad, and spouse, has long longed for breaking liberated from the weights of obligation. Nonetheless, last end of the week destiny took a turn with a startling an open door in the most recent Emirates Draw MEGA7. While Freddy Gomez, a UAE inhabitant from South America, and first-time member Prakash Babu from Bangalore, India, both stood a moment away from the Dh100 million Thousand Award, their fortunes actually changed. Both left more extravagant by Dh125,000 each, their hearts spilling over with satisfaction and appreciation.


In spite of the fact that Freddy, has his own accounts of dreams and yearnings, it was Prakash’s contacting story that profoundly resounded with quite a large number. At 47, life has frequently shown him its harder side. Brought into the world to an unassuming family where his dad filled in as an auto-cart driver, Prakash needed to exit school to monetarily begin attempting to help his loved ones. Today, he works at a Coordinated factors Organization in Bangalore, procuring a straightforward compensation. Regardless of long periods of difficult work, he resides in a leased level with his dedicated spouse and youthful child, fantasies about possessing a home still far off.


After acknowledging he’d won, Prakash was overpowered. The possibility of paying off his obligations and possibly offering his child a superior future carried tears to his eyes. “For my entire life, I’ve battled monetarily. I didn’t get a well-rounded schooling or work, yet I think beyond practical boundaries for my child. I need to give him the training I never had,” Prakash shared, his voice blended in with feeling. The heaviness of obligations has forever been weighty on his shoulders. “I’ve lived in the red for such a long time and this success is an opportunity to break free.”



However, Prakash’s vision goes past his loved ones. “I was brought into the world in difficult stretches, however I won’t allow that to characterize me. I grasp the aggravation of coming up short on the fundamental necessities like food, a rooftop, training. Assuming I at any point win the Dh100 million, I will share half of it to elevate the people who battle as I did,” he accentuate.                    

Prakash’s sincere excursion adjusts perfectly with Emirates Draw’s trademark: For A Superior Tomorrow. His story affirms that the association is to be sure an encouraging sign for endless visionaries in the UAE and all over the planet.


The Dh100 million MEGA7 Thousand Award stays available for anyone with the following draw on September 10 at 9pm UAE time.

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Credit to: Google or Gulf News Image

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