Best supplements for joint pain relief

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Best supplements for joint pain relief

If you suffer from joint pains or actually any kind of pain and rash in the body, here are my best supplements for joint pain relief. I’ve got eight of them, and eight is likely my very favorite.

MSM: This is a significant sulfur-containing molecule that’s indeed important to support those joints and that cartilage because it’s the cartilage that wears down over time, particularly in osteoarthritis, and we certainly want to prevent that, and MSM is one of my favorite supplements for that joint pain relief.

Chondroitin: Chondroitin sulfate, is the best type of chondroitin to take because it’s negatively charged, meaning that it assists to prevent those bones from being on top of each other, much like two negative pulls of a magnet when you try to put them together, they won’t go together. That is basically how the chondroitin sulfate is working because it is negatively charged, helping to maintain proper spacing in the joints.

Glucosamine sulfate: This is the type of glucosamine. Yes, there are different types of glucosamine out there, but glucosamine sulfate has the best analysis behind it to honestly help with joint pain relief.

Boswellia:Which is otherwise known as frankincense, and frankincense has incredible research behind it in being able to actually help specifically with osteoarthritis in the knee. It actually fares even better than some of the traditional anti-inflammatories for that ailment, so you have to always be taking something that has a concentration of that active component, boswellic acid, and make sure that it’s standardized when you’re taking that boswellia.

Bromelain: Where does bromelain come from? It comes from pineapples, and it’s usually the middle stem part, the core part of that pineapple, usually the part that we don’t eat. We usually cut that part away, but that high concentration of bromelain, which is a natural enzyme that helps to break down our proteins in our food, also has an anti-inflammatory effect for that joint pain relief.

Superfood Antioxidants : We want to quench those free radicals that can build up in those joint spaces, and that’s why I love using superfood antioxidants like acai and Goji berries in a concentrated form in those superfood antioxidants that can be taken in supplement form to help quench those free radicals in those joint spaces, which may have caused some of the problem in the first place.

Turmeric : Now turmeric fantastic with a concentration of that curcumin which is the active component those active curcuminoids are so important in terms of having an antioxidant effect which we just talked about but also having a very potent anti-inflammatory effect for that joint pain relief .

Fish oil : Fish oil that’s higher in that d eha which as humans we tend to be more deficient in that fish oil a fantastic anti-inflammatory it works like a lubricant for the joints it assists our cell to cell communication as well which is so important and it activates our DC electric current which goes through our body we do have electricity running through our body of course with the help of that natural sunlight we are like solar panels we need that current running through our body to support with that joint pain relief .


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