How your stress is making you fat

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    How your stress is making you fat

This article is all about your hormones being out of balance and how that’s making you fat. More importantly, my tips on how to fix this are one of the things that can make you especially wealthy.

  • Belly fat occurs when your cortisol levels are out of balance. Of course, we know cortisol and stress go hand in hand, but this is actually a protective mechanism. Our body will put on that extra weight because it is a mechanism of survival, as if we were being chased by that bear.                                                          We were going into a season of not being able to find food. This would be an indication that we would need to hold on to that excess. belly fat to be able to sustain ourselves through that famine season. Most times, we’re not being chased by a bear, but our daily stressors can, of course, activate. The system of your cortisol and other hormonal systems as well, which I’ll talk about now, is one of those things.                  We have to mention that fixing leptin resistance is something that happens over time. When we can see leptin resistance, the brain is reading a signal of high leptin. We eat more and more food because the brain isn’t getting the signal. We’re okay; we’ve got enough body fat, and of course, it’s our fat cells that send leptin to the brain. The brain becomes overwhelmed with the increased inflammation and stress in the system.                 Now it has that resistance to reading the proper signaling of that leptin, making us eat more and more food.


  •  Another part of our stress is being pregnant alone. Now, being pregnant alone is something that we naturally do to help make our other hormones, so things like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, but with pregnenolone because of that high cortisol and because of that leptin resistance.
    What happens is that pregnenolone is going to preferentially go towards our cortisol production, making more and more cortisol, increasing that inflammation, increasing more of that leptin resistance, and then that adrenal resistance as well as that insulin resistance. Usually it’s the leptin resistance that happens first, then we get the insulin resistance, and then we get the adrenal fatigue, so those mechanisms are really important to understand.

My tips are going to help to get everything in balance again, especially for that belly fat, so tip number one is, of course, to fix that leptin resistance and, of course, to leave that pregnant woman alone. I’ve got other articles on more tips.

  • Getting those regular sleep schedules is going to be important for your proper melatonin secretion as well as your leptin secretion, which happens at night. It is important to have a good night’s sleep to help with proper hormonal signaling.
  • Rest and meditation are important, so you’ve got to have times in the day when you just calm your system down, especially your nervous system. That will help with the proper secretion of all of your hormones and reduce stress.
  • Taking a few deep breaths outside in natural sunlight at different times of the day—of course, first thing in the morning, midday, and as the sun is setting—is going to do wonders for that stress and for all that hormonal signaling as it is in tune with nature and your own circadian rhythms to help reduce that cortisol, especially to target that belly fat as well.

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