Tips for Better Eyesight

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Tips for Better Eyesight

If you’ve been struggling with your vision and want to improve it, here are my tips for better eyesight that you will love. The great thing is that they’re super easy to do, and it’s something that will really help you see those differences over time. Most times, when we have issues with our eyes and poor vision, it has to do with our eyes being overstrained, and we don’t want to actually contract our eye muscles more. What we want to do is encourage the relaxation of the eye muscles.

  • One of the little tests that you can do at home is with a cord or a wire, and all you’re going to do is hold it to your nose, and you’re going to test which eye may be more dominant than the other. You’re going to hold that cord at your nose and hold it at arm’s length straight out in front of you, and now look down towards your hand at the end of that cord, and you should see that cord or that wire. Crossing it should look like an X. If you’re only seeing one side and the other side is a little bit more blurry than that X, that may mean that one eye is more dominant than the other, and you may need to do more relaxation on the eye that’s having the issue.                                       Now, of course, this is going to be different for everyone, but this is just to make you aware of what’s happening with your eyes, and I think a lot of us, because of the way that our eyes and our brain work together, are straining more on one side than the other, so I want you to try that and investigate that for yourself.

Leave a note in the comments about how that’s working for you and what you discovered, and more importantly, after you do the exercise, how you can see some improvements happening.

Okay, so what we’re going to do is the baits method, and what this is going to do is help to relax not only the eyes and the muscles that are controlling the lens of the eye but also the brain. When we do this, it’s a great way to improve our vision and our eyesight over time, and again, I love it because it’s completely natural. You don’t need lenses; you don’t need to do anything else but what we’re going to do.

I want you to do this along with me: Rub your hands together. This is known as the baits method, and this is amazing. You’re really going to see those changes in your vision, so you’re going to create some warmth in your hands.
Then, you’re going to gently close your eyes. You’re going to cup your hands over your closed eyes and completely look at nothing. So, what you’re trying to do now with your brain and your eyes is see pure black. Sometimes it’s really difficult for your brain to sort of shut everything out and visualize just pure black. So you’re going to do that, relax your eyes, and relax all of that musculature in the eyes. Ideally, you stay here for about two minutes or more during the day.
Especially when you’re on screens and things, this is a great way to give your eyes that little bit of rest that they need when you come back and open your eyes and look most of the time. You’re going to see a lot more clearly in that instant.

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